Foundations A-Z Landing Page

Mockup and concept of a product landing page. Foundations A-Z is a digital literacy learning tool for students.

The goal of the landing page is to introduce teachers to a new and exciting product that will support their teaching. The landing page is an invitation to a new and immersive world of learning and engaging classroom materials.

Branding: I created a subtle gradient as visual key element that can be applied to graphics, icons, or as a background.

The color palette takes readability into consideration with tested contrast of the colors in print and web application. The goal of the color palette is to allow for a diversity of color application and allowing the designer to highlight with a contrasting color within the palette.

The goal of the color palette is to appear modern but still being cohesive with the current product line of Learning A-Z.

  • Role Website Design and Branding
  • For Learning A-Z
  • Date 2021