Working on illustrations for a children’s book.

Working on a project :)

I’m very thankful to collaborate with and have the opportunity to write a blog post about my favorite artist Paul Klee :) Glad that they reached out to me and ask to support their mission and to promote the exhibition “Ten Americans: After Paul Klee” at the Phillips Collection.

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Wow, so much going on! The new year starts off with a lot of exciting projects and creative input. Currently, I am preparing a lot for my classes and developing ideas for a bigger project this year. I’m very excited!

Visit the awesome exhibition at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. The exhibition features wonderful student work and a faculty exhibition. 2 of my original illustrations are showcased in the faculty show :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Fun project for a social media campaign.

Ad for a mighty hot sauce

New Career opportunities are coming soon :) I’m very excited about the next weeks and what the future will bring! Also, I will update recent projects eventually! There’s a lot going on right now and a lot of projects, that need to get finished. Busy times are the best.

Jes Baker: “When people call me animal names it gets monotonous, but someone said I looked like a potato the other day and it was the most hilarious (and totally accurate) attempted insult EVER. NOW ALL I WANT IS A PORTRAIT OF ME AS A POTATO WITH MY HAIRCUT AND GLASSES”


You can find more fun projects and behind the scenes input on my blog at:

Time flies by. And it’s already August! For my blog and newsletter readers, I illustrated a little calendar. Whether for organizing, writing down accomplishments, or whatever, I hope you do enjoy my little calendar and of course my blog :) visit:

Wohooo! I have a new blog! Check out!

I’m a bit proud now <3 Still working on some stuff for this website but to say it with good old German: “Ich lass das jetzt so!”/ “I leave it as it is by now”. I hope I can connect with other creatives and improve my writing in English with this fun project.

I updated some projects on my portfolio. New work will also follow soon!

Memorial Day

I’m volunteering this weekend at the Tucson Festival of Books! Check in and have fun!

Head in the clouds.

home is where your art is

Morning motivation!

Todays thoughts

Welcoming the new year with chalklettering.