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I’m very thankful to collaborate with Artsy.net and have the opportunity to write a blog post about my favorite artist Paul Klee :) Glad that they reached out to me and ask to support their mission and to promote the exhibition “Ten Americans: After Paul Klee” at the Phillips Collection.

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Wohooo! I have a new blog! Check out https://www.creativemeow.com/!

I’m a bit proud now <3 Still working on some stuff for this website but to say it with good old German: “Ich lass das jetzt so!”/ “I leave it as it is by now”. I hope I can connect with other creatives and improve my writing in English with this fun project.

Is it tea time already?
Stop by at my new blog and enjoy some thoughts, drink a cup of tea or coffee. Or just enjoy some shared DIY-projects. Sounds fun, right?