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I’m very thankful to collaborate with Artsy.net and have the opportunity to write a blog post about my favorite artist Paul Klee :) Glad that they reached out to me and ask to support their mission and to promote the exhibition “Ten Americans: After Paul Klee” at the Phillips Collection.

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Wohooo! I have a new blog! Check out https://www.creativemeow.com/!

I’m a bit proud now <3 Still working on some stuff for this website but to say it with good old German: “Ich lass das jetzt so!”/ “I leave it as it is by now”. I hope I can connect with other creatives and improve my writing in English with this fun project.

Why I am a designer? Because I don’t do pretty things.
I confronted myself with the question, why I am a designer in my creativity-blog.

You can also find the article in the following link:

Is it tea time already?
Stop by at my new blog and enjoy some thoughts, drink a cup of tea or coffee. Or just enjoy some shared DIY-projects. Sounds fun, right?