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What a crazy year! This fall was full with a lot of roller coaster experiences and lots of busy work! Besides having the honor to be a speaker for a local AIGA event called “Tucson Makers” I also took the opportunity to work for a local publishing company and work on wonderful projects that inspire me :)

I will update my portfolio soon with new contents and also continue on creating my first children’s book. “Gute Dinge brauchen Zeit”, that’s what we say in Germany : “Good things take their time” and this is a good sign for me that something wonderful is emerging! Can’t wait for 2019 to come!

Stay tuned and have great winter holidays!

Jes Baker: “When people call me animal names it gets monotonous, but someone said I looked like a potato the other day and it was the most hilarious (and totally accurate) attempted insult EVER. NOW ALL I WANT IS A PORTRAIT OF ME AS A POTATO WITH MY HAIRCUT AND GLASSES”


You can find more fun projects and behind the scenes input on my blog at:

Time flies by. And it’s already August! For my blog and newsletter readers, I illustrated a little calendar. Whether for organizing, writing down accomplishments, or whatever, I hope you do enjoy my little creativemeow.com calendar and of course my blog :) visit: https://www.creativemeow.com/

“Can’t touch this”
Work in progress for some new prickly illustrations.

Who is this little georgeos cat? I had the opportunity to make an illustration for a catperson, like me ;)

Drawing with ink is one of my favorite way to start illustrations. I like the fact, that you can’t erase ink. Draw as you are!