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I'm very proud to announce that my work was selected to be part of the Lore: Creatures exhibition at the &Gallery in Tucson, AZ.

Learn more about &Gallery here: https://www.andgallery.art/

I had fun dipping into a personal hand lettering project and creating a cover for "The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knight" by John Steinbeck. I wanted to represent a symbol of a Noble Knight rather than a person. The cover should represent a modern genderless association with a pink and blue color palette.

Busy bee ;) I do have some new projects up my sleeve which I am about to post soon! 2018 was an amazing year with a lot of opportunities to work on Hand Lettering projects and children’s books illustrations. New portfolio projects will be updated during March.

What a crazy year! This fall was full with a lot of roller coaster experiences and lots of busy work! Besides having the honor to be a speaker for a local AIGA event called “Tucson Makers” I also took the opportunity to work for a local publishing company and work on wonderful projects that inspire me :)

I will update my portfolio soon with new contents and also continue on creating my first children’s book. “Gute Dinge brauchen Zeit”, that’s what we say in Germany : “Good things take their time” and this is a good sign for me that something wonderful is emerging! Can’t wait for 2019 to come!

Stay tuned and have great winter holidays!

Wow, so much going on! The new year starts off with a lot of exciting projects and creative input. Currently, I am preparing a lot for my classes and developing ideas for a bigger project this year. I’m very excited!

Happy Halloween everyone!

New Career opportunities are coming soon :) I’m very excited about the next weeks and what the future will bring! Also, I will update recent projects eventually! There’s a lot going on right now and a lot of projects, that need to get finished. Busy times are the best.

Jes Baker: “When people call me animal names it gets monotonous, but someone said I looked like a potato the other day and it was the most hilarious (and totally accurate) attempted insult EVER. NOW ALL I WANT IS A PORTRAIT OF ME AS A POTATO WITH MY HAIRCUT AND GLASSES”


You can find more fun projects and behind the scenes input on my blog at:

Time flies by. And it’s already August! For my blog and newsletter readers, I illustrated a little calendar. Whether for organizing, writing down accomplishments, or whatever, I hope you do enjoy my little creativemeow.com calendar and of course my blog :) visit: https://www.creativemeow.com/

Head in the clouds.

“Can’t touch this”
Work in progress for some new prickly illustrations.

it’s getting cold outside, I recommend to do it like Mr. Fox and wear a scarf! This one is a self made scarf with love, Mr. Fox and his friends are enjoying the warmth it gives to them. Check out my new illustration project and get introduced to Mr. Fox and his beloved friends!

Who is this little georgeos cat? I had the opportunity to make an illustration for a catperson, like me ;)

Study of Albrecht Dürer´s “Young Hare”. This drawing is made with chalk. I really do enjoy making studies of old masterpieces :)

Drawing with ink is one of my favorite way to start illustrations. I like the fact, that you can’t erase ink. Draw as you are!