Head in the clouds.

“Can’t touch this”
Work in progress for some new prickly illustrations.

Merry Christmas!

Saguaro Greetings!

Happy " erster Advent" (traditionally celebrated in Germany)

Happy Thanksgiving!

New pieces of my 100 days project :)

it’s getting cold outside, I recommend to do it like Mr. Fox and wear a scarf! This one is a self made scarf with love, Mr. Fox and his friends are enjoying the warmth it gives to them. Check out my new illustration project and get introduced to Mr. Fox and his beloved friends!

This is the first exercise I did from the book “Mighty Ugly” from Kim Piper Werker:
Making an ugly creature. It was fun!

You can read my book review and more about “Mighty Ugly” on my blog: https://eleonoredesign.wordpress.com/blog/